Nesting Lidded African Baskets Set

$ 88.00

This set of three natural nesting baskets will bring a fresh splash of color to any room.  They serve as versatile lidded storage containers.  They could be used for organizing your bathroom closets or shelves or/and use in a kitchen to store smaller tools and items.  

Women in rural Senegal weave these baskets from local grass and colored plastic threads.  The plastic adds strength and durability to this traditional item of everyday life in rural Senegal. 

Approximate dimensions; 

Large: 13” diameter x 8” high
Medium: 11” diameter x 5” high
Small: 9” diameter x 4” high

Handmade in Senegal.

Care instructions: Brush with a soft brush or gently wipe with a moist cloth.

In Stock. Ships in 4 to 5 days. FREE SHIPPING TO CONTINENTAL USA. 

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