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Our Story


Soava means "to do good", "to be well", and/or "to be blessed" in the Malagasy language. 
Malagasy is the language of the people of Madagascar, an island of Africa located in the Indian Ocean.





It all started with a passion for beautiful handicrafts and designs that uplift the creativity and the spirit of Africa.


We have opened Soava's online platform and retail space in 2015 to connect the world to the finest handicraft & artisan-made goods
from Madagascar - & other African countries.   
We seek to contribute to sustainable economic development and to help the world discover Africa's beauty, diversity, and cultural richness. 
Soava's founder, Haritiana, is a native of Madagascar.  
Soava is a New Orleans-based woman-owned small business with global roots.
We are driven by our faith in Christ. We love discovering and connecting with different cultures around the globe.
We have lived in different parts of the world through work in health care and public health.
Through our travels and living in some of the materially poorest countries, we have witnessed how economic empowerment and independence are crucial for bringing about human dignity, sustainability, and access to education and health care.  
We are thrilled to connect with you.  
Join us in taking small steps to a more sustainable lifestyle 
and to make the world a better place.
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The Soava Team.
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Inside Zele, 2841 Magazine Street,
New Orleans, LA 70125, USA



Monday: 11 am until 5 pm

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 11 am until 5 pm

Thursday until Saturday: 11 am until 5 pm

Sunday: 12 pm until 5 pm

 Please note that for your safety and that of other shoppers, a face mask is required while inside Zele. 

 Email: Hello@SoavaStore.com

Tel: 1 (985) 326-9103