It all started with a passion for beautiful handicrafts and designs that uplift the creativity and the spirit of Africa.

We have opened Soava's online platform and retail space in 2015 to connect the world to the finest handicraft & artisan-made goods from Madagascar - & other African countries.   We seek to contribute to sustainable economic development and to help the world discover Africa's beauty, diversity, and cultural richness. 


Soava products are handcrafted one at a time by skilled artisans. Each item is unique and takes days or even weeks to make often through a multiple step process that involves different artisans. Bring beauty to your home and lifestyle through our small batch collections of sustainably produced goods that have a story. Through these products, you will also contribute to keeping traditional techniques, which many are handed down from generation to generation, alive.

natural & sustainable fibers

Soava products are made of sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural fibers. The raffia fiber is organic and wild harvested in a way that keeps the raffia palm tree alive. A few items are made of upcycled materials that transform and reduce waste into useful and purposeful everyday goods.

trade-not-aid model

We select products that help provide an income to vulnerable women and families in a dignifying and sustainable way. We focus on building ethical and fair trade partnerships with our artisans and cooperatives. Your purchase supports jobs in vulnerable communities of Madagascar and other African countries .