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Enjoy small batch, socially conscious & environmentally-friendly handmade goods. 

Derive warmth in the beauty & character of products handmade from natural & sustainable fibers.

Feel good about supporting the work and livelihood of women and families in Madagascar and other African countries. 

Take small steps towards a more natural and sustainable everyday life.

Contribute to conservation efforts in some of the world's most endangered natural environments.

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What Soava Stands For


Soava products are handcrafted one at a time by skilled artisans. Each item is unique and takes days or even weeks to make. Through these products, you contribute to keeping traditional techniques, which many are handed down from generation to generation, alive.

Natural Eco-friendly Fibers

Soava products are made of sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural fibers. The raffia fiber is organic and wild harvested in a way that keeps the raffia palm tree alive. A few items are made of upcycled materials that transform and reduce waste into useful and purposeful everyday goods.

Trade-Not-Aid Model

We select products that help provide an income to vulnerable women and families in a dignifying and sustainable way. Your purchase supports jobs in vulnerable communities of Madagascar and other African countries. Economic empowerment helps conservation efforts further.

Contribute to conservation efforts

With your purchase, we donate a portion of our proceeds to conservation and reforestation efforts on the island of Madagascar.


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