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Conservation and Reforestation Efforts in Madagascar - Protecting Lemurs | Soava

Posted on November 16 2020

Conservation and Reforestation Efforts in Madagascar - Protecting Lemurs | Soava

Madagascar is a unique place in the world when it comes to biodiversity of both plants and animals. Many species of fauna and flora only exist on the island. Unfortunately, because of population growth pressure, demand for charcoal, illegal logging, and other human activities, the precious Madagascar tropical forest is slowly disappearing and Lemurs are on the verge of extinction because of the destruction of their natural habitats. 

Soava is committed to donate a portion of our company's annual proceeds to conservation and reforestation efforts on the island of Madagascar, our mother land. With your support, we are contributing to two organizations:

1) OP500: We are partnering with this youth and Malagasy-led non profit platform organization that aims at "re-greening Madagascar" by planting native trees across the island. 

The key activities or OP500 consists of a) educating the general public on the importance of environmental protection; b) planting, caring, and distributing of tree seedlings, and c) actual planting and monitoring of growing trees.

The organization works on a very lean budget and is mainly led and run by volunteers. OP500 relies on donations for covering its operational expenses. SOAVA is proud to contribute donations to OP500's reforestation efforts.  We will keep you posted on our reforestation progress but in the meantime, feel free to visit OP500's social media page here if you would like to learn more.

Photo Credit: OP500, 2020. Tree planting efforts around Antananarivo, Madagascar's capital. 

2) Lemur Conservation Foundation: In parallel, SOAVA will also be contributing to the work of the Lemur Conservation Foundation through the marketing and selling of their children's lemurs' books. The books educate children about the lemurs and their need for protection. One hundred percent (100%) of LCF proceeds on the books will be used for lemur conservation efforts.  A portion of our company's annual proceeds will also be donated to the Lemur Conservation Foundation for the work they do in Madagascar. 


Photo Credit: Theme Inn and Michelle Phillips



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