A Photoshoot of Our Raffia Bags and Raffia Clutches in New Orleans Garden District August 30, 2016 08:14

We recently had a photo shoot of our raffia bags in the beautifully shaded streets of New Orleans Garden District.  This area of town is located very close to Zèle and fitted perfectly, both for its convenient vicinity but also for its lush gardens, tall trees, and quietness.

After a bit of anxiety for the weather, we ended up having just enough sunlight to make the shoot.  Eduardo Benitez of Eduardo Benitez Photography was our photographer and beautiful and talented Veronica Lawler was our model.

Soava raffia clutch

New Orlean's philodendrons made a perfect backdrop for Veronica carrying our Myriam raffia clutch.

The hand-crochet texture of our Mombasa raffia bag is revealed further against the trunk of this New Orleans uptown century old tree.

Eduardo really did a great job and I highly recommend him for your fashion-related photography.  You may view a sample of his photographs on his Instagram account at @EBPhotographs.

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